So the sunshine is making a long-awaited appearance and now we’re really starting to enjoy summer. But, picture the scene. You’re lying in the sunshine and reading a really fantastic book. You have your reading glasses on but it’s so bright, you need your sunnies firmly in place to avoid the glare. But they’re not prescription lenses, so you are faced with the choice of being glare free, unable to read the small print, or, you can read, but only if you want to squint your way through that page turner of yours.  

Perhaps you are driving on a sunny day. You need your prescription glasses to drive but those cheap sunglasses you picked up recently haven’t got prescription lenses in, what to do? Let’s not even think about resorting to those awful clip-on sunglasses from the eighties now…..

Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Joking aside, the importance of finding the right pair of sunglasses is not to be under-estimated. We all know the importance of protecting your eyes in summer, but in the winter months, when the sun is at its lowest you’ll find you’ll be wanting to reach for your sunglasses just as much, if not more than ever. Sunglasses really are an accessory you will need throughout the year. And, even if you don’t need prescription lenses, there are still many different options to choose from. Just stop for a moment before you grab that pair of frames you like, not even beginning to consider the lenses, they really are the most important part! 

So where to begin? Firstly, those car journeys on sunny days. Throughout the year, there will be days when the glare from the sun is particularly strong. This particularly strong glare occurs when sunlight is reflected from a horizontal surface – such as roads or other vehicles. The best way to reduce this is to have polarised lenses in your sunglasses, which have a special filter that almost completely eliminates glare. How? (Here’s the science part!) Polarised lenses let vertical light rays, not horizontal, through the lenses meaning the glare is gone, clever stuff! 

Just a selection of the sunglasses we can offer

Of course, UV protection is vital too. According to the World Health Organisation, 20% of cataract cases can be avoided with proper UV eye protection. The CE mark on your sunglasses will show they have met with tests against UV transmittance, meaning they protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. The level of UV safety on sunglasses really can vary, so make sure you check this with your optician. 

There are many sunglasses for children available in a myriad of different colours, different character endorsements, styles and shapes. And, whilst it may be very tempting to opt for your child’s favourite character, always double check the most important part – the lens protection. Many people don’t think it’s necessary for kids to have sunglasses but given they spend so much of their time outdoors, plus their eyes are far more susceptible to sun damage as they are growing up, it’s absolutely vital they have the correct protection. 

Once you have made sure your lenses suit your needs, then it’s time for the fun part – choosing the stylish frames you want. As with all the accessories you choose for your wardrobe, you’ll want them to be stylish, modern, comfortable, you may even want a few for different looks. You can be a lot more daring in choosing sunglasses, some opt for “the bigger and bolder the better” or perhaps you have a favourite pair of frames that you wear with prescription lenses on a daily basis that you’d like made into sunglasses? 

Sunglasses by Gucci

We have so many choices here at Malcolm Gray, simply pop in and see us and let us help you find your perfect match.

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