Your vision is our mission

Over the last 40 years Malcolm Gray has established a reputation for customer service, which has earned us a clientele that we regard as a family. Indeed, we have become the family optician for many of our customers, with several generations coming to us for their eye-care.

All the owners of the business work in the practice and our staff remuneration plan is not based on bonuses and commissions, which means that if we need to spend a little longer with you, we won’t think twice about it. Our team has been together for many years, giving our customers the continuity of eye-care that builds a trusting, reassuring relationship.

We are specialists in the treatment of dyslexia and Meares-Irlen syndrome, and have helped many children to overcome problems with reading and writing and realise their full academic potential. We are also part of the Birmingham Diabetic Retinal screening programme.

Eye tests at Malcolm Gray

We believe eye tests should be as individual as you are and mustn’t be rushed. Following your initial screening tests, you will be with your expert Optometrist for about 30 to 40 minutes.  This allows plenty of time for discussion, helping your Optometrist to understand you and your eyes fully before choosing the tests that are most appropriate for you.  We also believe that your eye test should be very interactive – something that is done with you rather than to you.   We allow plenty of time both during and after the eye test to discuss the results, to explain any findings and to answer any questions you may have. Many people appreciate the deeper understanding they have about their eyes following their eye test.

We provide free NHS sight tests to those who are eligible, although most of our patients choose to have the more extensive eye test which includes taking a 3D image of their eye. This allows us to diagnose many eye related problems before they affect vision.

Using the intuitive colourimeter we have been able to make a real difference to people who suffer from Irlens Syndrome (visual stress when reading).  See our blog post on Irlens Syndrome for more information.

Choosing your glasses

We will transform your eyewear experience by helping you to discover the style of frame that makes you look amazing and feel fantastic. We have an extensive selection of the finest luxury frames and offer a one to one bespoke service where you can sit in a comfortable, relaxed area and spend as much time as you need to make the perfect choice. We will share our expertise and explore with you different shapes, colours and designs of frames from the worlds most distinguished collections.

No two eyes are the same when it comes to vision. We use the latest computerised technology to seamlessly capture unique information about the geometry of your eyes to ensure that your lenses are made as individually as your eyes.