We have contacts!

If you don’t feel fab in glasses, come and talk to us about contact lenses. Modern contacts can correct short or long sightedness, astigmatism and even long-distance and close-up vision in one lens, and they’re becoming more comfortable and convenient all the time. You can learn more in our contact lens FAQ.

If you need to change your contact lenses, or you’re considering wearing contacts for the first time, you can try them out in the relaxed environment of our practice with one of our expert optometrists to guide you.

Choosing contact lenses

Here’s a brief description of the different types of contacts available. Our dispensing opticians will help you choose the best ones to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Daily disposable soft lenses

Daily disposables are the ideal solution for occasional wearers as they require no maintenance – you just throw them away at the end of each use. This means there’s no need for lens cases and solutions or worrying about losing them.

Frequent replacement lenses

Designed for people who want to wear contact lenses healthily and for most of the time, frequent replacement lenses do require you to look after them by removing and cleaning them every day for a couple of weeks or a month between replacements.

Gas permeable lenses

Sometimes referred to as ‘hard’ lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses offer high levels of comfort after the initial adaptation period and are more durable and are well suited to wearers with eye conditions that require a more rigid lens.

Join our lens scheme

Our contact lens scheme offers the following benefits:

  • Lower prices for your lenses
  • Unlimited aftercare appointments at no extra cost
  • Discounts off your spectacles and other purchases
  • Emergency appointments at no charge
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Contact lens FAQ

For help and advice on on putting in contact lenses, view the Acuvue guide and the CooperVision guide.

You can also read answers to the most commonly asked questions on our contact lens FAQ page.