Headaches and / or eye strain 

These symptoms can be due to a variety of factors. From something as simple as reading in bed at night, (your eyes are working harder to adjust to the angle) or overusing your smartphone, (dim light and small text) to even wearing glasses that fit too tightly, these can all cause headaches or eye strain. 

The important thing to remember is if you are experiencing additional symptoms such as blurred vision, dizziness or nausea, the best thing you can possibly do is pop and see us or another health professional as although it could be easily rectified, it could also be a sign of a more serious illness such as diabetes.  


If you find yourself half – closing your eyes to get a clearer view in dimly lit areas, this might seem a good idea but it’s not the best solution! This could be causing headaches and eye strain too, so again, come and visit us as your prescription may need checking. 

Your glasses are scratched

This one sounds too simple, surely? But, if you are finding your vision just isn’t quiteright, pop in and get your glasses checked for scratches, you could find the scratch resistant coating is damaged, especially if you’ve had your glasses for some time! It can result in blurred vision which is never nice – but worry not, your optometrist can help! 

Your glasses are damaged 

If your frames are falling off your face, or you have to keep pushing them up your nose every few minutes, chances are this is annoying to you and people you meet. Call in to get them serviced and fitted properly. If the nose pads are discoloured and out of place or if your frames are held together by Elastoplast instead of screws, you definitely need our help! 

You just can’t read the crossword! 

No, you don’t need to downgrade the difficulty of your daily puzzle, chances are you just need a new prescription! Your eyesight changes over time and if it has been more than 18 months since your last eye test then come on in and see us! 

Your glasses just don’t feel right 

New glasses always take a little time to get used to. However, if its been a few weeks and it still doesn’t feel quite right, or especially if you’re experiencing any nausea or dizziness and it seems to be getting worse not better, it couldmean that you need to get everything checked over. Once again, call in and speak to us, you should never have to experience discomfort with your glasses! 

You’re stuck in a time warp

Let’s face it, fashion trends do change over time and even when that may be the last thing you have time to think about, it’s a surprisingly simple change you can make. If you’ve stuck to the same frame design for the last few years or even decades, it may well be time for a change, just pop in and let us take you through some of the fantastic range we have! 

Your frames are looking a little worse for wear  

Frames do lose their looks after a while, if you’re one of those people who wears them day in day out you will tend to find after a couple of years of constant wear they become discoloured or even brittle. We recommend changing your frames every two to three years to make sure they still look as good as new. 

If in doubt, give us a shout! Just call  0121 308 4255 to make your appointment.